On Disruptive Innovation, Safety and Training

I recently gave a presentation to a group C-level executives and other leaders from the Safety and Training world on behalf of National Safety Council and United Rentals. It was a chance for me to apply some of the global research on technology disruption to the real-world practitioners of where the “rubber hits the road”.

It was absolutely fascinating for me.

What became clear  as I delved deeply into the challenges of the safety and training was how much this group of smart, front-line people were dealing with the issues and risks of new technology implementation and adaptation by their workforce.

In the conclusion of our presentation, I made the case – and I felt this very strongly – that the safety and training profession will become the front line of the intersection of the virtual world and the real world of people, jobs, training and disruption.

It was also clear that it was a very exciting time to be in the field – or potentially a frightening time. It depends – as do many things in life – how you view things.

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One response to “On Disruptive Innovation, Safety and Training

  1. Hey James
    Very tough area with a ton of variables….virtual training is salacious part of a potential answer……$$$?…. customers do not want to pay for any training as it stands yet the expectation is everyone that show up is competent….so a fundamental shift in thinking is necessary…long term part of a solution…..but the needle moves agonizingly slowly


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