On Disruptive Innovation, Saftey and Training

I recently gave a presentation to a group C-level executives and other leaders from the Safety and Training world on behalf of National Safety Council and United Rentals. It was a chance for me to apply some of the global research on technology disruption to the real-world practitioners of where the “rubber hits the road”.

It was absolutely fascinating for me.

What became clear  as I delved deeply in to the challenges of the safety and training was how much this group of smart, front-line people were dealing with the issues and risks of new technology implementation and adaptation by their workforce.

In the conclusion, I made the case – and I felt this very strongly – that the safety and training profession will become the front line of the intersection of the digital / virtual world and the real world of people, jobs, training and disruption.

It was also clear that it was a very exciting time to be in the field – or potentially a frightening time. It depends – as do many things life – how you view things.

Have a read here:



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